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Commit to life long learning and social impact through service and community action projects. 

Any initiative to raise awareness and funds for the creches, tribal village and cookstove projects.
Take over maintenance of the website when Louise Falkengren graduates in 2022
Get involved in maintaining our social media platform/profile for the project when
Juliette Van Der Burg graduates in 2022
Create a book of photographs to share the history of the project
Lead the Middle School knitting & crochet for India project to make hats and blankets for Kodai babies
Build relationships with the community in India - write a letter or card to the creche children and teachers 
Write or record a short reflection on what India means to you for our website
Make a collection of baby/children's clothes for us to bring to India on our next visit
Create a calendar of your India photos

Organize funding projects for the India Project  
(+ Anything else students can imagine and propose! For example, Ela Abbou (India team member in 2019) created and sold India team t-shirts to raise funds for the project)


A Brighter Tomorrow

A Brighter Tomorrow is a grass-root initiative, created by Martina Ravano in 2020, whose objective is to maintain a relationship with the community she visited in 2019 and to support the communities in Tamil Nadu, in the South of India.

Kodai Tees

A project led by Ela Abbou who creates and sells original t-shirts to raise funds for the people of Kodaikanal, India.

Victoire Bedat formed a knitting team with her family and her local Home for the Elderly in Geneva. The blankets they made with love were sent to India during the pandemic and were distributed to families to keep away the chill of the mountain air during the cold season. 

Year upon year, Ecolint teachers, Sylvia Vecchi and Lisa Cooper have crocheted and knit sweaters, hats, booties and blankets for the newborn babies in the Kodai community. 


To donate towards specific missions:

Install 1 smokeless cookstove in a family home. -- 50 CHF

Sandals for each child at the start of the school year. 3 crèches (150 children). -- 150 CHF 

One school bag and pencil case to start primary school. 50 graduates. -- 150 CHF

One school bag and pencil case to start primary school. 100 graduates. -- 150 CHF

One crèche child for 1 year (crèche meals x3 times a day, uniform, sweater, sandals, school supplies, medical). -- 300 CHF 

One sweater for each child in three crèches at the start of school year 3 chrèches (150 children) -- 

500 CHF. 

One uniform for each child in one crèche (50 children). -- 550 CHF

Feed a crèche (50 children, 5 teachers) for 1 month - 3 meals a day, 6 days per week. -- 1000 CHF

Crèche cook's annual salary - 1 cook, 1 crèche (cooking for 50 children, 3 meals a day). -- 1000 CHF

Crèche teacher's annual salary - 1 teacher, 1 crèche (teaching 50 children). -- 1500 CHF

Crèche nurses annual salary - 1 nurse, 3 creches. -- 1500 CHF

Any donations are helpful, big or small, to support the children, teachers and families of Kodaikanal, India.

Help us raise awareness of the project by informing others about the project. Don't forget to follow and share our Instagram and website with friends and family! 

We appreciate your help!

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