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The 2019 India team spent one week working in the village of Samakadu with Selvam and Sheela, project leaders from Kids Health India, to continue the cookstove project, started by the India team 2018. The team also took on the challenge of building a kitchen for a needy family. Students learned the traditional methods of constructon and used local resources to build a wattle and daub kitchen. The newly constructed shelter was strong enough to take the installation of a new cookstove with a chimney. More lives improved, some saved, and an inspiring example of meaningful learning through action for our students. With all hands and feet, big and small, on deck, it was an example of collaboration and community at its best. 

Ann Peck, Founder and Director of Kids Health India, writes about the project: 



And when students return to Geneva, what happens then?

Student agency. 

After the team's first visit to Samakadu in 2018, Santiago ran a marathon to raise funds to install cookstoves in family homes. Martina picked up the baton in 2019. After her experience of building a kitchen and installing in Samakadu, she founded her own organisation "A Brighter Tomorrow" to fund the installation of more cookstoves in Samakadu and other remote villages. Her efforts helped to keep the project running thoughout the pandemic. 

Jeep is packed and we are ready to build!
Many hands....
Everyone counts
All hands on deck
Samakadu 2019

Samakadu 2019

Mastery of skill
Selvam's mentorship
Making friends
Working together
Every task takes concentration
Samakadu 2019

Samakadu 2019

Work is taking shape
Martina helps to install the new kitchen windows 2019

Samakadu 2019

Cookstove installation
Proud work
Samakadu 2019

Samakadu 2019

Samakadu 2018

Samakadu 2018

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