SEW - Sewing Empowers Women)


SEW (Sewing Empowers Women) is another community initiative run by the Betsy Elizabeth Trust. This project was started by India Project students with Janet Welling, one of the leading teachers of the India team for many years until her retirement in 2010.

This sewing project provides much needed work for women in impoverished conditions with no other hope of steady or safe work. SEW allows them to provide for themselves and their families. With the support of India Project students, the women have been able to create an opportunity for sustainable work in the production of cushion covers, clothes, yoga bags and tote baskets. It is by now independent of India Project funding, although students and teachers continue to support them by purchasing their bags and accessories.

This project empowers and supports women, and it has long term, sustainable goals. The objective is to grow, provide further employment within the community and become a self-sufficient, thriving and respected initiative in the heart of their community.

The Ecolint community continues to support them through regular orders of their beautiful yoga bags and tote bags, which have proven to be very popular in Geneva!